The aim of the Donor Town Project is to come together as a town and community to promote, support and save lives through organ donation.

It aims to increase the number of people who make their wishes known to their loved ones and sign the organ donor register.
The title of ‘Donor Town’ will be passed on to the next town after 12 months and we will support them by sharing our knowledge and experience.


Around three people across the UK die every day in need of an organ transplant. Many of these lives could be saved if more people donated their organs when they died.

It only takes 2 minutes to sign the organ donor register. Just as you make decisions about your life, why wouldn’t you want to make the decision about your death? Having ‘the conversation’ doesn’t mean it’s going to happen sooner – it just means that those who love and care for you, understand your wishes. Everyone deserves that.

Your age, any illnesses or long term conditions don’t prevent you from registering as an organ and tissue donor.


A network is formed via local council - businesses - shops - schools - colleges - doctors - dentists - social groups - families
- newspapers - radio stations. Every individual, in each business, in each scenario, in each household, in each family makes a commitment to have a conversation with those around them to educate and promote the benefits of organ donation and make their wishes known.

The community will show their support by signing the organ donor register and celebrating their involvement proudly with posters in shop windows, window stickers, car stickers, banners on refuse trucks, buses, on local business websites etc.


Why not?
Any one of our community members may one day need the gift of life. Let’s join together to save those lives.

The Donor Town Project is founded by Sally Bee

Sally Bee is a heart patient with a very rare condition called SCAD. She has survived 5 heart attacks.
Sally is a passionate ambassador for organ donation, is a host for the British Transplant Games, and is part of the oversight group to ensure the continued support and education about Organ Donation in the future.

“Whatever your religion, culture or belief, helping someone live a life, when it is about to be taken away, is the ultimate act of human kindness. 


If you would hope that a hero would come to your rescue in your time of need, then having a conversation with your loved ones and pledging to become a kindness hero yourself, should the situation arise, is the kindest legacy you can leave behind. 

Heaven doesn't need your organs, but heaven knows we need them here"

Sally Bee


We have made The Donor Town Project super simple.

Every member of the community in Stratford Upon Avon is invited to take part.

All you need to do is click on the relevant link below to download your ACTION PACK.

And then follow the ACTION PLAN, post pictures on social media, talk, chat, chin-wag, spread the message, shout from the roof-tops and help save lives.


with ideas, offerings of support or sponsorship for car stickers!


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